I’ve had the pleasure of trying out this dress already at the development stage. My first impression when I saw it was “wow”—I’d never seen anything like it in the stores. There are oh-so-few dresses for us female golfers. The first time I tried it on I could feel how nice and comfortable it was. It feels like a second skin.

I feel beautiful in the dress. It flows delightfully and is not too tight-fitting even though it shows your curves. The drape is nice and it’s not too tight fitting while still showing your curves. The cut of the neckline is just great. I’ve played in it on very hot days 18 holes later and I still feel fresh. The perfect length allows me to bend down without hesitation. Details like pockets with room for balls and tees are much appreciated. 

I heartily recommend this dress to female golfers. It’s time for us girls to start wearing dresses on the course!  

Marlene Hedblom
PRO – Fågelbro Golfclub